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Paint and Coatings Manufacturing

Whether you roll it, spray it, or brush it, the paint industry is as varied as the applications and substrates on which it is placed. If you make powder coatings, traffic markings, or marine coatings, the regulatory requirements follow you from material acquisition to customer delivery. We know MSDS, AQMD, and DOT mandates with confidence. Purchase it by the pound, store it by the drum or measure it by the gallon, we know the specific gravity with which you take your business.

Cosmetics Manufacturing

Consider moisturizing creams in jars, tanning lotions in tubes, hair-care products in bottles, mascara and lip-gloss in brush vials, then packaged in kits, gift baskets created under various manufacturing arrangements. Then comply with trading partner requirements for shipping, bar coding, RFID and EDI transactions, co-op marketing arrangements and the complexity of this manufacturing sector begins to comes to light. Our consultants know thy industry.

Food Manufacturing, Distribution

Processed foods, beverages, milk-based products, condiments, spices and additives have special and complex requirements. Manufacturing processes from inventory control to plant floor routing operations are unlike any industry. Where else can you route based on old-time religion? Kosher requirements define the sequence of processes and selection of ingredients. Add lot control, bar-code labeling, quality control and regulatory requirements like HACCP and the need for a specialized solution becomes even more demanding. Consider demanding distribution arrangements by trading partners with EDI, RFID, pallet control and lot recall requirements and we highlight further the unique and challenging demands any integrated solution must meet.

Polymer Manufacturing

Compound it, react it, test it and retest it. Put it on the roof, the ground, concrete or shipping decks. Layer it, spray it, pour it, or mold it. Mix it, react it, catalyze it. Whether you manufacture to special orders or make to stock, your software needs as much flexibility as the products you make. Measure it by the gram, pound, or square inch, your solution has to measure up to your expectations. Our knowledge is elastic and pervasive.

Industry Knowledge

Whether your business is in pharmaceuticals, nutritional, or other Consumer Packaged Goods, we appreciate the complexities of your own environment and understand that you will have to live with the decisions you make. Our role as advisors is to guide you in achieving your objectives.

If your manufacturing operations assembles products, then you need solutions for heavily labor intensive operations. If you manufacture chemicals, your raw materials, OSHA and EPA requirements would give you a different set of requirements.

Your consultant is your advisor and expert in designing solutions to problems faced by organizations similar to yours. How do you find the right consulting firm for your company? You look for mastery of the issues facing organizations in your industry.

Nonprofit Organizations

Not for profit industries can include complex organizations such as hospitals, broadcasting, schools or light manufacturing and retail operations. Fund accounting, donor management and fund-raising options add to the complexity and accountability to external entities. We know the special functional requirements coupled with your unique specific disclosure requirements. Define your programs, outputs, benchmarks, and outcomes. The steps begin here.