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Strategy Development

Every leading company, like every successful person, has a mission in life, core values and a vision of themselves in the future. These ends, as well the means the business will employ to achieve them, differentiate it from others in their industry.

We help you analyze your organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses. We assist you in identifying marketplace opportunities and recognizing external threats to your organization, and help you define the specific value that you will offer your customer. In short, we guide you in developing a winning strategy for your business.

Strategy Implementation

While the formulation of a strong strategy is no trivial task, the successful implementation of that strategy is an even greater challenge. When executing the strategy, managers encounter barriers within their organization. Commonly, very few workers understand the strategy. In Addition, directors do not link managers’ incentives to the strategy, executives spend little time discussing the strategy and management does not allocate resources with reference to the strategy.

We help you define a proper set of objectives for your company that directly supports your business strategy. We show you how to communicate your strategy to your entire workforce by linking performance measures and aligning information systems to your strategic objectives.

Staff Recruitment and Development

Business management begins with finding the right people and placing them in the right roles. This step is a prerequisite to all strategic planning and any management initiative.

We work with a large number of managers in many industries and geographic regions. We help you find the manager you a seeking for your company and provide training for all your leaders in strategic business management.

Performance Measurement

Companies in diverse industries use specialized accounting methods to enhance their understanding of their business. Managers intimately familiar with an industry use these practices to improve a company’s performance significantly. Powerful as they are however, even the best financial measures are limited. They are indicators of past performance and do not tell you what you need to do today to improve future performance. They tend to enforce functional silos and short-term thinking, and are not relevant to many levels of the organization.

We guide you in defining a meaningful set Key Performance Indicators that help you appraise the effectiveness of your organization. We link these select measures directly to your company’s strategic objectives. They give you a clear assessment of your company’s progress on a daily basis and let you forecast financial results.


Management initiatives, when successfully executed, transform companies into organizations that perform at a higher level of competency. These initiatives are often expensive and disruptive in the short term, with enduring rewards in the long term.

We guide you in identifying initiatives that are important to implement based on your objectives. Conversely, we reveal the proposals that would be a costly diversion. You measure the results of the initiatives by their impact on your Key Performance Indicators.

Leadership Training

Uncommon Vision, unparalleled inspiration, courageous risk taking, steadfast decision-making, self-assured candor, continual influencer, and delivering results. Finding the right leaders or finding the right leader in us is not an ad-hoc proposition. Becoming a change agent and untapping the potential of your staff, employees and organization is within your reach. We have programs for the courageous explorer.