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Operating Systems Selection, Support

Your organization’s choice of operating systems has vast repercussions. It is important to consider all the implications of your choices and not to focus on a single attribute. Taking full advantage of today’s full-featured operating systems takes careful design and planning. Migrating from one operating system to another is a difficult task to plan and execute, requiring people knowledgeable in both systems.

We guide you in selecting operating systems based on your information systems strategy. Our knowledgeable, certified engineers implement complex operating systems, using best practices from the ground up. They also migrate your systems with minimal risk and disruption.

Core Services

Core operating system services include file sharing, printer sharing, Web serving and electronic mail. Companies do not typically utilize these services to their full advantage. Many organizations neglect these services and allow them to become increasingly disordered.

We design and deploy organized, reliable and secure file sharing services, either localized or distributed over multiple locations. We also design and implement internal Web portals with multi-site collaboration capabilities such as discussion boards and Web-based file sharing with advanced features such as document check-in, check-out and versioning. We implement an electronic mail system with a global address book available to all your workers, shared folders for general mailboxes and company calendars, free/busy querying, fully integrated Web-based access, full data backup, and spam and virus blocking.

Management Services

Systems Administrators can effectively manage information systems of all sizes with tools that allow them to monitor, troubleshot and reconfigure every component centrally, regardless of its location. With proper design and planning, these tools greatly extend the administrators’ control and help bring chaos into order.

We help administrators design and implement directory services, remote installation, patch management, performance monitoring and alerting, configuration control, auditing, administrative scripting and management consoles.

Data Conversion

Different operating Systems use incompatible file systems and applications store data using a verity of formats and conventions.

We will transform your data from any format to any other so that deploying new applications will not mean loosing your valuable information.

Strategy Development

The purpose of information systems is to support the objectives of the business. The task of information systems management is to align the company’s systems strategy with its business strategy and to implement the performance measurement system.

We help you define a proper set of systems objectives that directly link your company’s business objectives, and build a measurement and reporting system for your Key Performance Indicators, so that your information systems become a strategic asset that drive productivity and performance.

Systems Analysis and Selection

In order to be effective, every worker needs specific and accurate information in time to act on it. Your information systems play a vital role in collecting, organizing, analyzing, and presenting mission critical information.

We help you determine each worker’s requirements for actionable information and find a reliable source for the raw data necessary to produce the finished information on a timely basis. Then we help you select the best systems for sales, accounting, production, research and development, and all other functional areas.

Project Management

Engineering projects are complex and unforgiving. An inexperienced project manager may make oversights early in the process that result in large delays and budget overruns. When a company does not invest in proper analysis and planning in the early stages of a project, it typically incurs a significantly higher overall cost in the end.

We guide you in identifying essential projects, based on your business objectives, and weeding-out proposals that would be a costly diversion. Our practiced information technology project specialists coordinate your employees and multiple contractors. We take responsibility for completing your project on time and on budget. You measure the results of projects by their impact on your Key Performance Indicators.


The total cost of ownership of your information systems takes into account expenses such as acquisition, licensing, administration, maintenance, supplies, downtime, training and support.

We show you how to lower your system’s total cost of ownership, develop a steady, predictable budget and maximize the return on your technology investments.

Network Design, Construction, Support

Your communications requirements and the characteristics of your applications make distinctive demands your networks. Some applications transmit large amounts of data, while some operate over long distances and others are sensitive to the slightest of delays. Privacy may be a chief concern.

We analyze and define your company’s communications requirements and then design integrated communications solutions that quickly and reliably delver data, voice and video to your entire workforce, regardless of location.

Inter-Site Communications

All your workers can collaborate closely, no matter where in the world they are, by using the same information systems with one central database. Your organization does not need to have a duplicate set of departments and staff at each site.

Instead of using relatively slow and expensive private communications lines to connect your business locations, we show you how to utilize the comparatively fast and inexpensive public Internet. You can provide private connections over public networks by using data encryption. There are no monthly charges related to this solution, apart from each location’s connection to the Internet.

Trading Partner Communications

Organizational boundaries create inefficiencies in the supply chain. If you could monitor your customers’ inventory levels, you could improve your sales forecasts and better manage your production schedules. If you could monitor your suppliers’ inventory levels, you could better estimate your lead times. If you could exchange electronic orders and invoices, you could eliminate wasteful paperwork and errors.

We help you securely interface for systems with those of your trading partners so that you can share selected data, streamline transactions, and build tighter relationships.

Remote User Access

Your workers can use your electronic mail system, your sales and financial applications, and even your telephones, at low cost, from any location in the world.

Let us show you how to provide secure information access to your people on the road and at your customer’s place of business.

Systems Administrator Training

Your systems administrators have the demanding job of supporting the requirements of numerous departments and completing technically challenging projects on tight deadlines while averting threats ranging from creeping disorder and escalating costs to a catastrophic failure.

We train your administrators in the profession’s best practices for organization, documentation, monitoring, troubleshooting, security, policy implementation and methodical control of configuration changes.

User Training

Even the best-designed information systems will not make your users more productive if they do not know how to use them. Trainers do not normally train users on all aspects of a new application during its implementation in order to ease the transition for the users. Follow-up training can greatly increase the benefits derived from your existing software.

We help you define training requirements based on your performance measures. We train new employees who have not received basic instruction and those who are ready for advanced training. We show them how to use your Key Performance Indicators to make daily decisions and improve their own activities.


The administration and maintenance of information technology is a specialized practice, often unrelated to your company’s business. In many circumstances, especially at branch locations, it is best to contract with an outside organization to run your technology and free your people to work on your company’s core business.

We will assign full or part time staff to your facilities, take complete responsibility for your information technology, define a budget and guarantee service levels for system performance, availability and security.